How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune

Zach Honig
Z. Honig|07.29.14

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How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune

If you go all out connecting your house, you can end up spending as much upgrading a smart home as it costs to build a dumb one. But you don't need a ton of proprietary gear to pimp your crib with 21st-century tech. Your smartphone and tablet already serve to consolidate your digital life, and they can do the same with your lights, power outlets, air conditioning and nanny cam -- even your door locks and Crock-Pot can be app-controlled, if you so please. Join us below to explore affordable options for your entire home, all of which can be installed yourself.

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  • USB Outlets
  • USB Outlets: Where to Buy
  • USB Outlets: Installation
  • USB Outlets: Alternatives
  • App-controlled TV
  • App-Controlled TV: Where To Buy
  • App-Controlled TV: Installation
  • Connected Lights
  • Connected Lights: Where to Buy
  • Connected Lights: Alternatives
  • Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: Where to Buy
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: Installation
  • Heat and Air Conditioning: Alternatives
  • Smart Appliances
  • Smart Appliances: Where to Buy
  • Smart Appliances: Alternatives
  • Pet Feeders and Litter Boxes: Where to Buy
  • Pet Feeders and Litter Boxes: Alternatives
  • Keyless Locks
  • Keyless Locks: Where to Buy
  • Keyless Locks: Alternatives
  • Cameras
  • Cameras: Where to Buy
  • Cameras: Alternatives
  • Wrap-Up
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How to make your dumb home smarter without spending a fortune