Retina MacBook Pro gets a processor bump across the line

MacBook Pro

Eagle-eyed Apple Store watchers noticed the company's online commerce site taking a brief nap this morning, and sure enough when it woke up again something new had arrived: revised models of the 13" and 15" MacBook Pro, with faster Intel Haswell processors and a unified floor on RAM capacity (8 GB for the 13" models, 16 GB for the 15" models), which previously dropped to 4 and 8 GB respectively for the "budget" configuration in each size. You can compare the current MBPs seen here to last week's model seen here via

Default processor speeds on the 13" model went from 2.4/2.6 GHz i5 dual-core processors up to 2.6/2.8 GHz; BTO options for the 13" include a 3.0 GHz dual-core i7 chip. On the 15" model, both standard configs received a similar clock bump to their i7 quad-core CPUs (2.0/2.3 up to 2.2/2.5), with the fastest BTO processor now at a spicy 2.8 GHz. The price on the higher-end config of the 15" also drops $100 to $2499, as does the price of the non-Retina 13" MBP (from $1199 to $1099) which is unchanged from a spec perspective.

These updates (which were hinted at a couple of days earlier via an iPad spec display in a Chinese store, of all places) should be available to ship immediately; if you bought a Retina MBP in the past 14 days in an Apple Store (and possibly at other authorized retailers) you may return it for restocking and move up to the newer model. As MacRumors notes, this is not the "big leap" to Intel's Broadwell chipset that is anticipated for next year's MBPs, but it certainly is welcome in the meantime.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.