Skullcandy's Method sports buds will get tunes stuck in your head

If you've ever gone running with earbuds, you'll be familiar with the condition "pushem-backin-itis." It's an affliction that troubles many music-loving joggers once they break a sweat. Some companies prescribe over-ear hooks, or "wing tips" to combat this; Skullcandy is taking a different approach. Its new "Method" and "The Chops" in-ear lines come with sensual "Stickygel" technology. No points for figuring out what that is. Skullcandy claims their proprietary bud gels are 30 percent more loving to your earlobes (well, the skin at least) than standard tips. We mean loving in the attachment sense of the word. The sensual part? The adhesive action only kicks in once you work up a sweat, so you've got to earn that affection. As per always with Skullcandy, there's a choice of colors and styles -- and at $30 for the Methods, the grabby part doesn't extend to your wallet, either.