Facebook's Slingshot now keeps the convo going with reactions to reactions

It's been a little over a month since Facebook unleashed Slingshot, its stab at an ephemeral competitor to Snapchat, so it seems about the right time for it to get its first update. Slingshot, if you'll recall, is a unique messaging app that requires you to reciprocate before you get to see what your friends have sent you. Once you see that photo or video, you have the option of sending a reaction shot, which takes up half the screen and is already unlocked so you don't need to send a reply to view it. With the latest update, you can now react to those reaction shots -- as seen in the third screen shot above -- again, without any unlocking necessary.

Other updates to Slingshot include the introduction of My People, which is essentially a section of folks you're regularly slinging shots with. It's also now easier to find Slingshot buddies on Facebook and your phone's contacts. So if you weren't intrigued enough to try out Slingshot before, perhaps this new update will be enough to convince you to start slinging. You can download the latest version on both iOS and Android starting today.