The government still won't let Twitter share details about national security requests

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Twitter To Report Second Quarter Earnings
Twitter To Report Second Quarter Earnings

Twitter really wants to tell you more about the kind of national security requests it gets from organizations like the Department of Justice and the FBI -- but the government just won't let it. The company's latest transparency report is prefaced with the sad tale of the company's failure to get permission to share more details about requests concerning national security. Twitter wants to be able to disclose how many requests are made each year or, failing that, smaller sets of data that still provide meaningful context to users. Sadly, the company wasn't able to make any significant headway: the existing DOJ restrictions stand.

That said, the company does have some interesting statistics to share. Specifically, Twitters says that its global requests for account information, copyright takedowns and content removal has seen a notable increase since its last report. Requests for account information has almost doubled since last year, totaling to 2,058 requests from 54 countries -- eight of which were filing requests for the first time. This report has more detail on the requests too, and breaks down US account information queries by state and territory. You can check out the entire report (stats and maps included) right here.

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