DJI's latest pro-level drone will make you want to upgrade your Phantom

DJI's Phantom 2 Vision+ is a great introduction to aerial video -- we know from personal experience -- but it won't be long before you're jonesing for more power. If you really want to dominate the skies (or, y'know, use a bigger camera etc.) then DJI's new Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter is more like it. In DJI's family of pro-level drones, the S900 flies neatly between the S1000 and S800 with a max load weight of 5kg and 18 minutes of fly time to cram with epic sweeps -- just don't do them here. It works with DJI's own Zenmuse Z15, GH3, GH4, and BMPCC gimbles, so particularly good news for Lumix GH3/GH4 and Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera owners. If you set on hanging with the pros, then expect to pay out like them, too. The Spreading Wings S900 will thin your money clip to the tune of $3,800, but that's small change for a big fish like you, right? However, if moths are the only thing flying around your wallet, then enjoy vicariously via the video after the break.