Square just bought a restaurant delivery company

Here's something unexpected: Square -- the company that turned your cell phone into a credit card reader -- just purchased Caviar, a company that delivers food from restaurants that don't normally deliver. It's an unexpected acquisition; Caviar is a consumer facing service, while Square tends to market its services to independent businesses. Still, Square CEO Jack Dorsey says the purchase is completely on track with the company's goals.

"Caviar's curated, seamless delivery experience is exactly the kind of service we want to provide buyers and sellers," the CEO explained. "By making delivery such a fast, friendly and easy process, Caviar gives time back to restaurants so they can focus on what they do best -- cooking great food for their customers." Caviar will still operate independently of Square, at least for now, but it gives the company one more service to offer to independent businesses to help them grow. Maybe this acquisition makes sense after all.

[Image credit: Getty Images]