You'll soon get the chance to buy Teague's e-bike of the future

If you saw the Teague X/Sizemore "Denny" e-bike last week and voted for it in the Oregon Manifest design contest, pat yourself on the back -- it just won. As a result, what was merely a design experiment will now become an actual retail product built by Fuji Bikes, available to buy in 2015. To bring you up to speed, the Seattle-inspired cycle grabbed our attention with its removable handlebar locking system and electric drive pedal assist. Other techie features include an automatic gear shifter, removable battery, minimalistic "fenders," integrated storage and a full set of lights. Along with the clean lines, that helped it best four other formidable entries and launch it as a product. There's no word on pricing yet, but Fuji said it has "exactly the kind of innovations we hoped would come from (the contest)" and expects it to sell well.