Lightfreq is like the lovechild of Jambox and Hue

Since the death of the incandescent bulb we've seen light-emitting oddities of all kinds pop up, but for the most part, they've been rather, well, silent. LightFreq is aiming to change that, however, with a smart lightbulb that has a built-in speaker and customizable color output. The speaker connects to an app on your phone via Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi, as does the light itself, allowing you to beam your music from room to room and even have your tunes and lights follow you, automatically turning them off after you pass by and illuminating the next before entering. The LightFreq also acts as an intercom system, wherein you can broadcast voice messages from your device to an individual unit in another room or all bulbs at once. The features don't stop there, as you can even set individual colors for specific push notifications and alerts on your phone; a flashing red-to-blue pulse when your police-officer dad calls, for instance.

The pitch video (embedded below) claims, among other things, that the speaker packs better audio quality than the Beats Pill. A single bulb with app-access will set you back $55 if you're quick on the draw, and after the early-bird units run out, the price jumps to $70 -- sitting at about the mid-range when compared to something like the Philips Hue. If all of the above sounds amazing and the project gets enough backers, perhaps Sharknado Party Mode at your house could be mere months away.