Touch+ turns any surface into a gesture controller for your PC

Haptix (now Ractiv) promised a cheap sensor that would turn any surface into a multi-touch PC controller, and it's making good on its word today by shipping the device worldwide. The $75 add-on has received a new Touch+ name and a sleek redesign, but it otherwise uses the same basic concepts we saw when the project got its crowdfunding a year ago. Put the device on a desktop stand or a laptop and its dual cameras turn your finger movements into gestures; you can play a first-person shooter by swiping across your keyboard, or sketch in Photoshop using your desk as a drawing tablet. It's definitely not for everyone, but it might be up your alley if you'd rather not reach out to a touchscreen (or use Leap Motion's in-air tracking) just to get more advanced input than a run-of-the-mill mouse or trackpad.