Advertisement shuts down as Twitch goes all-in on video game broadcasting

Twitch shut down this week, putting an end to the streaming platform's seven-year run, as the company is now focusing its resources on Twitch. Videos on are no longer available to view, and those with active premium pro accounts should receive an email about getting refunded.

The shift in focus has been in the works for months, as the company formerly known as changed its corporate name to Twitch in February, the same time Twitch achieved one million active monthly broadcasters. Those with accounts that would like to move over to Twitch need to fill out a form on Twitch's site, though all requests must be received by September 5. However, broadcasters' videos are lost forever; VOD and video archiving support were removed on June 15.

"We are immensely proud of's legacy. Not only is it the birthplace of Twitch, but it was the pioneer of live video on the Internet," Twitch COO Kevin Lin said in a statement. "It holds a special place in our hearts, as well as a special place in the history of the Internet, and will be missed." For those looking to broadcast anything outside of the video game realm, Twitch pointed to YouTube, Ustream and Livestream as possible destinations, and reiterated that "Twitch is a site for gaming-related content only."

[Image: Twitch]