A new wave of wild hunters invited to The Witcher: Adventure Game beta is rolling out a new wave of invites to its closed beta for The Witcher: Adventure Game, a flurry of Twitter traffic indicates. The Witcher: Adventure Game began life as a board game inspired by developer CD Projekt Red's popular RPG series – itself an adaptation of a Polish novel series.

Though the beta originally began in July, invites were limited to pre-order customers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt; access is now being doled out to users that registered on's Galaxy website. Registration is still open.

"The purpose of the beta is to test both the game as well as GOG Galaxy infrastructure powering the online portion of it," an email to beta testers reveals. The beta is available on PC and Mac. GOG Galaxy, announced prior to E3 2014, is a Steam-like client which allows players to access their game libraries, earn achievements and can be used to connect with others for multiplayer gaming action. During its announcement, bosses promised the online functionality of the client is completely optional, reenforcing its commitment to DRM-free game distribution.

Beta play is limited to online play only, though the final product is expected to feature a "hot seat" mode and "vs AI" modes. Check out a closer look to the board game version of The Witcher: Adventure Game in the gallery below.

[Images: CD Projekt]