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SexFit is a pedometer for your penis

It was only a matter of time before wearable technology moved from people's heads and wrists and ventured downstairs. British adult retailer Bondara is leading the charge, showing off a prototype activity tracker and sex toy that goes on the gentleman's region. The SexFit is a ring that sits at the base of the penis, trapping blood for better, uh, erections, but also packs an accelerometer and Bluetooth module. That way, your in-and-out statistics will be shared with a companion app on a smartphone that'll tell you your thrust per minute and even the calories you've burned. Oh, and you can even share those figures with your shocked friends on social media.

The hardware also vibrates, enabling you to set it at specific intervals, either for enhanced pleasure or so you can put the metronome back downstairs in the music room. There are even five LEDs that sit on top of the device that'll light up when you hit a steady rhythm. Assuming, that is, that you'd prefer to use that rather than some of the more obvious clues that might be available during intercourse -- although we'd find the idea of a strange glow emanating from someone's genitals more unsettling than erotic. It's worth mentioning that the project isn't even at prototype stage yet, and there's always a risk the company might pull out before completion, but at least it's livened up a slow news day.