HTC lets One M8 users share their camera tricks with the rest of the world

Thanks to its depth-sensing Duo Camera setup, the HTC One (M8) and the new J Butterfly let you take picture post-production way beyond adding a simple sepia filter. There's only so long you can expect friends to huddle round while you play with the advanced editing features, though, but with the new version of HTC's Gallery app, you can let them get creative too. By sharing your Duo Camera photos to the web from the updated app, others can toy with the depth of field and bokeh, add effects and filters to parts of the image, and manipulate picture point-of-view from within a browser window. The Duo Camera is doing the hard work of capturing the scene, after all, so HTC's simply ported the fancy editing features to the web for those without access to their latest and greatest phone to enjoy, which is pretty cool by anyone's standards.