Apple patent application hints at a Siri-like assistant for Macs

Siri might be making her way to a Mac near you. According to a patent application filed in February and released today, Apple's considering bringing the iPhone personal assistant to its desktop OS. The 92-page document details how you'll interact with Apple's "digital assistant," a term that occurs 574 times in the patent app (the name Siri never makes an appearance, however). According to the document, a desktop version could pair Siri's current actions with more complex functionality, such as file and system management. After calling on the assistant by using a specific gesture on the touchpad or clicking an icon in the dock, you could use it to send emails, find images or YouTube videos on the web, print documents or copy and "hold" multiple files. As TechCrunch notes, there's no reference to such an assistant in the Yosemite beta preview, so it'll probably be at least another year before Siri (or her better-equipped equivalent) arrives on the Mac.