Game to start selling digital game and DLC codes for the Xbox One and 360

Retailer Game is finally back on stable ground after a few turbulent years its brother-in-arms Gamestation wasn't lucky enough to survive. No doubt last year's console launches begat a healthy cash injection, but beyond the obvious products that keep tills ringing, Game's never shied away from trying new things. After adding Steam vouchers, tablets and Android consoles to its stores, it'll also begin selling digital game and DLC download codes for the Xbox One and 360 from August 15th. Game already sells codes for PlayStation Network titles and DLC, and last month also began stocking full PS Vita game codes. It may seem counterintuitive to visit a shop for something you can purchase direct on-console, but it works for those who want to keep their card details offline, or can only pay with pocket money. And it's not like they take up much shelf space, either.