Knock-Knock dev plagues us with Pathologic teaser [Update]

Dear Knock-Knock developer Ice Pick Lodge, stop freaking us out already. We know you discussed a revival of your 2005 psychological horror game Pathologic back in December, but we didn't think you were serious about it. Now you have this live-action teaser trailer called "Feverish Feeling," and we weren't sure what to think once we saw it. It turns out that feeling is pretty creepy, and not the sort of fever we were hoping for.

Knock-Knock was one thing, and we kept our lights on a good four months after that, but now you're talking about The Black Death pandemic and putting viewers in a simulated, contaminated environment to force them to make decisions quickly. Pathologic made us complete quests to find the source of The Sand Plague and make decisions that impacted its meta-narrative. Based on the countdown timer ticking away on your teaser site, we'll learn more about this reanimation on Friday, September 4.

Update: Pathologic's teaser countdown ends on September 4, not August 29. We've adjusted the article accordingly.

[Image: Ice Pick Lodge]