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Recommended Reading: 'Guardians of the Galaxy' makeup magic

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If you're into getting a peek behind the scenes at some movie magic, Fast Company caught up with FX artist David White to discuss Guardians of the Galaxy. Specifically covering the makeup special effects, White chats about Marvel, key characters and the process of making aliens.

The Neuroscience Of Emoticons
by Eric Jaffe, Fast Company

There's no question that emoticons have taken root in daily communication for the masses. But now, neuroscientists are studying how our brains sort through the bits of art. Interestingly enough, researchers have discovered that the portion of the brain that processes emotion tends to react to the tiny pieces of communication rather that the part that handles facial recognition.


Silicon Valley Takes on North Korea
by J
onathan Cheng, Wall Street Journal

Folks who work in Silicon Valley are known for creating a wealth of innovation, but at a recent event, the focus shifted to lending a hand. During the "Hack North Korea" festivities, hackers, coders and more put their heads together to devise ways of getting info past that country's strict curtain. Attendees were briefed on a situation, and then came up with ways of using tech to get messages to those on the ground there.