Lomography's DIY 35mm camera, now with flash

Last summer, Lomography debuted its offering that allows photogs to build their own 35mm SLR. Now, the retro-minded snapshooting outfit is lending a new model of its Konstruktor more film-shooting skills with flash kits. Thanks to a $20 accessory package, the latest version of the DIY camera can be paired with a Lomography flash should the need arise -- if you've already splurged for it and the proper lighting add-on. Those who've yet to take the leap can nab a bundle that includes the disassembled Konstruktor F, requisite accessory kit and a choice of flash for $103-$111 (depending on said selection). Not only can you put together the camera you'll use for to capture that next road trip, but you can ensure those images will be well lit, too.