SpinIn is a rock solid sliding puzzle game

SpinIn screenshot

SpinIn is a challenging sliding puzzle game on iOS. The goal is to move stone tile pieces to create a pathway for a gem piece to fall through an opening. It features puzzles that usually contain three or less pieces. The difficulty level of each puzzle varies. Some puzzles are easy to solve. Others will leave you scratching your head trying to figure out the right sequence to get the gem through the opening. It is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running at least iOS 5.0.

SpinIn is really easy to get into with its simplified controls. There is also an option to use tilt controls for those who like more movement in their puzzle games. At the end of each completed level, you are shown how many steps it took to solve the puzzle and how much time you spent in the level. There is also an indication of what the minimum number of steps to complete the level. This is a great addition to the game as it encourages players to solve the puzzles faster and more efficiently without being domineering about it. The replay button is nice to for reliving a challenging puzzle that you mastered. You can even share a picture of the level you completed with friends on Facebook, which can add some competitiveness.

The sound effects were good and enhanced the atmosphere of the game. The sound of the stone being moved and hitting the sides of the wooden container is a nice touch, which made the sliding feel more real. The user interface in SpinIn has small text on a stone background, making it hard to read. However, the game itself is very clean and the backgrounds have a nice aesthetic.

SpinIn screenshot

After you complete the first twenty-four puzzles, you are given an option to either buy the next puzzle pack or unlock stages over time release. This common mechanic in a lot of mobile games does not work very well for this type of game. In a puzzle game like SpinIn, I'd rather be actively playing new levels without having to come back at a later time.

Having to stop and wait to play another puzzle takes away from the experience and disrupts the flow of the game. Because of this, players might find themselves tempted to close SpinIt and go play something else. I wouldn't blame them for doing that, but I would return to this game because it is easy to pick back up and offers a nice challenge. You can challenge yourself with SpinIn, free on the App Store.