Do certain roles encourage bad behavior?

I still like tanking and healing more than anything else in the game, but they have their deficiencies while you're trying to smash Hexos into a well-deserved stain on the floor. In order to finish off Brawler's Guild achievements, I went DPS for the first time in 6 years and then thought, "This is actually kind of fun. Let's try some LFR and see what this puppy does in a raid."

In a matter of days, I and my hapless raid-mates encountered the following:

  • A tank who RP-walked to everything. (Spoils took forever.)

  • A tank who posted the meters after each trash pull and boss to make fun of the least well-geared DPS.

  • Tanks who couldn't be persuaded to kill the blademasters in Gates of Retributon, trapping the entire raid in perma-combat.

  • Tanks who kept taunting Thok back and forth to alternately breathe on or tail-swipe the raid.

Notice a pattern?

I've run LFR most weeks to get statistics for a project I started in February, but I've never encountered such a consistent slew of jerks. Is it just end-of-expansion antics? The sad truth is that lots of people get rude and dismissive of other players when their gear allows them to be a jerk and not wipe, and that seemed like a reasonable explanation at first.

But then I thought -- it's not necessarily because people in LFR have gotten nastier. As a cat, I'm just playing a role that's at the mercy of players who have more power over how the raid goes than I do. For some people, that power has an unpleasant effect on their behavior, or maybe they just get stressed from the responsibility and handle it poorly. But I don't know if the experience I had is a common one, or if I was simply unlucky. Of course, there's no reason it couldn't be both.

All I know is that as a tank, I hate geared DPS who think that minimal competence is a reason to treat everyone like crap. As a DPS, I hate arrogant and dismissive tanks. I haven't healed on the druid in a while, so I'm not sure who I'd hate as that. Probably everyone.