Sony's Share Play turns your PS4 into a 'virtual couch' for online co-op

We just got a closer look at some of the big-name titles coming to the PS4 from Gamescom, but Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan just took a moment to talk about SharePlay. It's slated to come as part of the PS4's 2.00 update in the fall, and it's perhaps not quite what you'd expect -- the feature essentially lets you "share" your copy of a game (any game!) with online friends who also have PlayStation Plus. Sony refers to the resulting co-op experience as a "virtual couch," from which you can jointly tackle challenges in games, and yield control of your avatar to remotely situated pals who are better equipped to beat a game than you are. Sure, that'll require acknowledging someone else's gaming superiority, but at least you won't have to deal with their gloating in person.