Tesla opens new Supercharger sites in London and Birmingham

Updated ·1 min read

Tesla's right-hand drive Model S has been available in the UK for a couple of months now, but its complementary Supercharger network has yet to make real impact on Britain's roads. However, the company has always intended to expand its free car-charging stations to cover many of the UK's major motoring hubs, and it's now started to deliver on its word. From today, London will play host to two Supercharger locations, with a new site located at Hyatt Regency London in Central London joining Tesla's first charger at the Royal Victoria Docks.

A second Supercharging site has also been established at the Hyatt Regency Birmingham, allowing Model S owners to juice up ahead of their Midlands trip or reach other major cities (London or Manchester, for example) on a single charge. According to Tesla's official website, the company plans to have at least 11 Supercharger locations in operation across the UK within the next year, ensuring Model S (and maybe future Model 3 owners) can almost travel the length and breadth of Britain without having to steal someone else's power.