Google Chrome will start flagging misleading downloads

Not surprisingly, Google wants to keep everyone on the internet as protected as possible -- after all, it has to stay true to its "don't be evil" ways. Today, in an effort to continue guarding you from virtual harm, the search giant has introduced a new feature that's part of its Safe Browsing initiative. According to Google, the goal with this expansion is to protect people "against additional kinds of deceptive software," something like a malware program that may be looking to make abrupt changes to a computer. On the Chrome browser, soon you'll start seeing a warning every time a third-party tries to lure you into downloading a piece of software -- ultimately, though, it's up to you to determine whether or not to install it. Naturally, Google's blog post does emphasize that you should always beware of the sources you trust, but you already knew that, right? Life 101, folks.

[Image credit: Shutterstock/bioraven]