Google Voice Search can now handle multiple languages with ease

It's not unusual for people who speak several languages to forget particular terms, and that can be pretty frustrating when you're trying to look up stuff through Google Voice Search. Thankfully, the latest Voice Search update for Android gives you the power to choose up to five languages as your default instead of just one, making random lapses in memory a bit less annoying. This change, spotted by Android Police (and which the Google Search team first revealed on Reddit in July), allows you to do voice queries in different tongues without having to dive into the settings page each time. The app now even understands a query even if it's spoken in more than one language -- the bad news is you're still stuck with English as the sole default if you use the OK, Google command. If that's not a dealbreaker, just sit tight and wait for the update to arrive on your phone, if it hasn't yet.

[Image credit: Frank Barten/Google+]

Update 08/21/2014: This feature is now officially available.