This app does pillow talk so you don't have to

AMCHN9 Couple Talking on Sofa

Just for a second, let's imagine that your ultimate sexual fantasy is to be doused in custard while standing on a salmon as you hum the Timesteps symphony from A Clockwork Orange. It's left-field, we admit, but we won't judge. The question is, how would you go about telling your partner or partners about such a fantasy? After all, unless you're very confident about their reaction, telling them during a Saturday morning lie-in might cause howls of anger or derision. That's why a German startup has built UnderCovers, an app that is designed to help couples who, for whatever reason, might struggle to communicate their innermost desires to one another.

It's designed to work a little bit like Tinder, in so much that there are 99 special interests grouped beneath headers such as group sex, voyeurism, BDSM, roleplaying and "Gimmicks," an odd list that includes making love on a washing machine during a spin cycle. At the presentation of each fantasy, you can say that you'd like to try it, you'd do it for your other half, or drop a big "X" onto it if it's not your bag at all. Once both of you have entered your fantasies, it'll list only the ones where you've both agreed to it, which should serve as something of an icebreaker in a delicate situation. The creators have also thought about privacy, so rather than asking for your phone number or Facebook profile, a randomly generated unique identifier code is all that's stored on the app. It's available for both Android and iOS devices, although we can't guarantee that the fantasy mentioned in the first paragraph is on the list, we're sure the developers could add it in a future update.

[Image credit: Alamy]