Journey, The Unfinished Swan to launch as Cross-Buy games on PS4

We already knew that the PlayStation 4 would be getting updated versions of two of the PS3's most visually striking games when Sony confirmed Journey and The Unfinished Swan were headed for Sony's new console.

However, according to comments left by Sony Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman on a PlayStation Blog post announcing the ports, not only are the games making the trip from previous to current-generation consoles, but they will be Cross-Buy compatible.

"Once Journey is downloaded you will be able to download it for free on any other platform available through the PlayStation Network, much like how fl0w and Flower were launched for PS4," Kaufman wrote before adding, "And The Unfinished Swan as well!" In other words, if you already own either game on PS3, you'll be able to enjoy them on PS4 at no additional cost.

Unfortunately, a PS4 release date was not given for either game.

[Image: Thatgamecompany/Giant Sparrow]