Camera+ fixes Flickr sharing, adds features, teases "big things" for iOS 8

Camera+ has released a new update for the powerful iOS photography app adding new features, fixing bugs, and using the release to tease "big things" for the iOS 8 version. Thats exactly their words, "big things."

With iOS 8 right around the corner, we've got some pretty big things planned for the near future, both with the iPhone and iPad versions of Camera+.

Sadly, that's as specific as their teasing gets, but this update brings enough new goodies to the Camera+ toolbox that you should make sure to give it a download. The ability to adjust the size of a vignette has been added to the Lab. Previously users could only adjust a vignette's intensity.

The Soft Focus and Film Grain effects in the Lab have also been enhanced, leading to more realistic results when using those editing tools. In addition, slight adjustments have been made to Clarity Pro, fixing an issue that caused low intensity levels to get inappropriately enhanced at odd times. It's nice to see effects in an app this popular getting tweaked so often.

Finally, users who share their photos to Flickr will be happy to hear that sharing between Camera+ and the Yahoo service has finally been fixed. Sharing with Flickr was broken thanks to a change Yahoo implemented in how the service worked with third-party apps. The Camera+ team explained the matter thusly:

To continue their ongoing mandate of paranoia to make everything more "secure" while making everyone's lives much more difficult in the process, Yahoo changed the way 3rd-party apps like Camera+ access Flickr. This, of course, broke Flickr sharing in Camera+. It's now working properly once again. We tried contacting Marissa Mayer so that we could get a bit of a head's-up when something like this happens again in the future. Unfortunately, she's hunkered-down somewhere in Texas in a bunker with a cache of assault rifles, so she couldn't be reached for comment.

It's nice to know developers are still hiring copywriters. You can find Camera+ right now in the iTunes Store for $1.99. If your iPhone is your main camera these days, we highly recommend giving Camera+ a try.