'Madden 15' will bring EA's CoachGlass app to the PlayStation 4

Remember that Xbox exclusive "CoachGlass" app that pushed to push Madden NFL 25 tips and play advice to the second screen? It just got a little less exclusive. In a new post detailing the app's Madden 15 implementation, EA revealed that the feature will be available on both Xbox One and Playstation 4 platforms. While there's no word as to why the feature is no longer an Xbox exclusive, its former status won't be forgotten: the app is keeping the Microsoft-inspired name. There are a few cosmetic changes too -- the app has been redesigned to make play data easier to read, and it focuses more on statistics than suggesting strategies.

EA admits that many of the ideas from CoachGlass' original app inspired Madden 15's playcall features, but says the second screen add-on is still worthwhile. In addition to the redesign, the app now offers new options for run / pass while on defense and now offers suggestions for offensive plays as well. Check out EA's full overview right here.