'Ignore No More' app makes sure your kids can't dodge your calls

Once you tiptoe past a certain age, ignoring calls from mom and dad sort of becomes de rigueur as you go about your day. That sort of filial nonsense doesn't fly when you're younger though, and now there's an app to make sure you return you young'uns return your parents' calls - it's called Ignore No More, and it essentially works by locking down your smartphone until you call them to verbally check in.

For better or worse, the setup process takes just a bit of doing. Parental units need to create an account and make sure the app is installed on all the phones in question (at a cost of $2 a head). Once that's done though, all it takes is a few taps to lock down access to nearly everything else on the device -- the only way to regain access is for the phone's owner to place a call to someone on a preset list of contacts. Voilà: parents have a surefire way to get junior on the phone whenever they'd like. Fortunately for the Apple faithful, this app is Android-only for now; feel free to dodge your folks with impunity until the iOS version is released.