Level 5's Fantasy Life becomes reality in Europe next month

Finally, Fantasy Life is confirmed for Europe with a regional release date of September 24. Don't let the proximity of finally to fantasy in that opening sentence mislead you, the 3DS RPG is a Level-5 joint, even if it does feature music by Nobuo Uematsu.

It's taken a while for Fantasy Life to head West after it charmed Japan back in 2012 with its mix of action-RPG combat and Animal Crossing-like vocational fun. According to Nintendo of Europe's press release, the game features a Link Mode tool that lets you chat online with other players while you adventure, a separate feature to the local and online co-op (for up to three players.) That suggests the new version includes the Link expansion released in Japan, which also added new areas, quests and items as well as the chat functionality.

As Nintendo revealed at E3, Fantasy Life is also coming to North America on October 24. Below the break you'll find a new trailer showcasing the game's various features, including the ability to buy a faithful doggie pet. Truly, that is the Fantasy Life.

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Link Mode and wider online features revealed, including co-operative play
18th August 2014 – Explore the vast open world of Reveria alongside friends and share your discoveries with a host of local and online features available to players of Fantasy Life, the much-anticipated role-playing adventure from LEVEL-5 coming to Europe on 26th September for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems.

Link Mode, an online communication tool discovered by paying an in-game visit to the Guild Office in the town of Castele, is a feature that - once activated - allows you to connect with friends when they are playing Fantasy Life at the same time*, and exchange messages and valuable tips during gameplay. To keep your friends informed of your in-game exploits, Link Mode also contains a notification setting to communicate your achievements, and 'Applaud' the landmarks reached by others.

As part of the game's wider co-operative features, players can get together with up to two friends via either local wireless or online multiplayer and explore the world of Reveria together, with online multiplayer incorporating its own chat feature for players to communicate while – for example - on a hunt, or foraging for precious items! So whether you are in need of reinforcements to defeat a powerful monster, or are seeking to trade certain items with friends via an in-game Exchange Box, taking part in co-operative play with friends will help you accumulate much-needed experience and items to aid in your adventures.

In addition, with the game supporting StreetPass functionality, watch out for other players turning up in your game as citizens of Reveria after a StreetPass encounter. Befriend these fellow players, and you may even receive new items. Meanwhile, in order to capture your most exciting moments in Reveria, you can also unlock the Snapshots function, which will enable you to capture in-game screenshots by pressing the START button - just another way to show off your adventures to others!

Prepare for an epic adventure set in a world filled with dry deserts, snowy mountain peaks, pirate-infested coves and more when Fantasy Life, an RPG containing dynamic life simulation elements, releases in Europe on 26th September for Nintendo 3DS and 2DS systems. With the local and online multiplayer features, or by sharing notifications in Link Mode, explore the furthest reaches of Reveria together with friends, or simply at your own pace.

To check out further information on Fantasy Life, a new trailer can be viewed here .

Fantasy Life for Nintendo 3DS & 2DS is available at select retailers including the Nintendo Official UK Store.

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