Wearable device stats prove it: you're not getting enough sleep

Jawbone Up24

If you've ever groused that you don't get enough sleep, you now know that you're not alone -- far from it, in fact. The Wall Street Journal has provided a rare glimpse at the tracking data from hundreds of thousands of Jawbone Up wearers worldwide, revealing both their collective sleeping habits as well as their activity when they're awake. And... it's not looking good. Even in well-rested cities like Melbourne, the average person slept just over the minimum recommended 7 hours. In Tokyo, many people get less than 6 hours. You don't want to look to your friends for help, then, since they're probably just as groggy as you.

It's also clear that us humans are creatures of habit. The vast majority of people get up early on weekdays and sleep in on weekends and holidays. They're relatively idle while they're working in the middle of the day, but extra-active when commuting or heading out on weekend adventures. Yes, the data isn't all that shocking, and it's limited to people willing to snooze with $150 devices on their wrists. They may already be worrying about their sleeping patterns more than those who wear no tracker at all. Still, it's not often that you get to see the behavior of so many people modeled in such detail -- even if it really just serves as a reminder to lay off the caffeine at night.

Jawbone Up sleep stats from New York and San Francisco