Fudget uncomplicates money management

Fudget screenshot

Fudget, currently free in the App Store and available for both the iPhone and the iPad running iOS 7.0 or later, is built for simplicity. This isn't an app that's loaded with features. It's streamlined and focused on taking the complications out of managing your money.

To be blunt, I thought I would hate this app. I need visuals like charts and graphs showing me how and where I'm spending my money –- or I thought I needed them. After only a few minutes of playing around with Fudget, I started to question how much value there is in those charts.

To me, Fudget's less-is-more approach is a Zen-like take on managing your money.

You start off by creating an individual "fudget" (budget). There's no limit as to how many fudgets you can make or what you use them for.

Creating monthly or weekly fudgets is the obvious choice, and daily budgets can help you tighten your wallet even further. There are no pre-populated expenses or expense categories. Everything is entirely up to you.

If you have more important things to spend your money on than paying your bills, no problem.

Swipe to the left to delete or star an entry. Starred entries will recur on all subsequent fudgets. This is important if you're tracking monthly budgets.

Where Fudget really shines is that it lets you get creative with how you track your money. Make the most of the app by budgeting for specific tasks. Manage your money for a vacation or business trip. Allocate a fudget for business lunches or dinners. Keep track of back to school expenses or Christmas shopping. If you are like me and you're really into Halloween, it's probably a good idea to create a fudget for that too.

Fudget screenshot

I may have given away my top secret Halloween costume, but at least you can see that, despite its limited features, the uses for this app are endless.

It's a bit weird to say that Fudget takes the stress out of managing your money, but that's exactly what it does. It doesn't yell at you when you spend too much money on movie tickets and it doesn't monitor your spending patterns in fancy charts and graphs.

It's not that those charts don't have their place, but if you already know how to be responsible with your money on a general basis, you probably don't need them. However, if you do require a more robust budget app, try something like Pocket Expense.

In a sea of complicated personal finance apps, Fudget's no-fuss approach to money management is a welcome change.