Secret's next update will add polls and Flickr support, but limit photo uploads

If you love hanging your dirty laundry on carefully curated and symbolic images, then Secret's next update both is -- and isn't -- for you. Sometime next week, the anonymous sharing app will integrate Flickr image search, but access to the photo service's library comes at a price: the ability to use your own photos. The update will remove the ability to upload images from your phone, with the exception of pictures taken in real-time with the Secret app itself.

It's an odd, unexplained restriction, but privacy may have something to do with it: the update also bakes in a new system that analyzes posts for names. Secrets that contain real names will be flagged,and the user will be prompted to "re-think" their post before sharing their secret. Secrets with names will also be reviewed by real staff to ensure they don't violate the company's privacy policy. Finally, the update is adding a new level of interaction: polls. Secrets that feature yes or no questions will have the option of adding a simple poll feature to anonymously tally up the results. Looking for the full details? Check out Secret's official announcement here.