John Carmack's 9-year-old son releases first game, Angry Face

John Carmack, arguably best known as the co-creator of Doom, has a nine-year-old son named Ryan. This week, Ryan released his first video game - a variation of Pong that substitutes the simple graphics of white bars and a square with ovals and a smiley face. It's called Angry Face.

"I enjoy video games a lot so I made one," Ryan wrote on his blog. "I feel nervous about my game ... it's rather simple. It's called Angry Face! This is my version of Pong. I wrote the game but my 4 year old brother helped me with sound and testing. He really likes the game. This is the very first game that I've created and I want to make more in the future. I hope I get a good response and that everyone likes it."

Ryan also mentions that he made a "grandma mode" difficulty level at the request of his grandmother, as well as an "expert mode" difficulty for those looking for a challenge. You can play Angry Face in a web browser for free, so long as you have the Unity Web Player extension installed.

[Image: Ryan Carmack]