Cyanogen and veterans from Google, Amazon and HTC are building 'something really cool'

Is your Tuesday evening missing a sense of ambiguous mystery? We've got something for you: Cyanogen and a start-up named Nextbit are working on "something really cool" for mobile devices, but won't say a word about what it actually is. Nextbit has been around for awhile, but its goals are nebulous at best. "The future of mobile is just getting started," its website reads. "We're building the groundbreaking technology that will take it to the next level." Cyanogen's partnership with the company was only just announced today, and it brings precious little information to the table -- offering only a survey suggesting that testers for the mysterious project may need to wipe their device (preferably a Nexus 5 or Nexus 7) to participate.

Still, the partnership shows that Nextbit is finally gaining traction, and whatever it's working on may become public soon. The company is expanding its talent base, too -- remember that undetermined project HTC's Scott Croyle left the company for? This is it. Croyle didn't say what he's going to be doing at Nextbit, but at HTC he was responsible for designing all of the firm's flagship smartphones. So, what's going on at Cyanogen and Nextbit? You tell us: the comments await.