Motorola's next Moto G smartphone poses for photos

So we largely know what Motorola's Moto X follow-up looks like, but what about the expected sequel to the budget-conscious Moto G? You might not have to wonder any more: HellomotoHK has posted a batch of photos that appear to show the future low-cost Android phone in all its glory. For the most part, it looks like a subtle evolution of the Moto G LTE -- there's a slightly larger (reportedly 5-inch) display, Moto E-inspired speakers and a microSD storage slot. We can't verify rumors of a faster Snapdragon S4 Plus processor and an 8-megapixel rear camera just by looking, but it's evident that there will be both swappable back covers and a dual-SIM option in at least some countries. While you'll likely find out everything you'd care to know about this new G (G2? G+1?) at Motorola's September 4th event, these snapshots could help whet your appetite.