Kickstarter has a new king: Coolest, an all-in-one cooler

Back when it introduced its first smartwatch, there's no doubt that Pebble took the crowdfunding world by storm. But, more than two years after Pebble broke and set new records on Kickstarter, a cooler is now doing the same. As of today, Coolest is the most successful Kickstarter ever, at least in terms of money pledged on the site. The project has managed to lure in nearly 50,000 backers and collect a little over $10,424,610 so far, shattering Pebble's previous milestone of $10,266,845. Coolest is pretty much a portable party on wheels, complete with a plethora of built-in accessories, including a removable, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, USB charger, cutting board, storage space for plates and, wait for it, a battery-powered, rechargeable blender. In case that wasn't enough, the do-it-all cooler will be LED-lit on the inside, for those times when you're out camping late, and have a bottle opener to boot -- we all know how important the latter feature is. You still have a chance to try to get your own, but hurry because there are only 58 hours to go.