The marriage of Eyefi Cloud and IFTTT is a very fruitful one

Eyefi IFTTT Channel

Eyefi SD/WiFi cards are a great solution for anyone who wants to shoot photos and immediately have those images sent from a DSLR or point-and-shoot camera to a Mac, iOS device, or even a cloud storage alternative like Dropbox, Flickr and especially Eyefi's own Eyefi Cloud service. Now the Eyefi team has created an If This Then That ( channel for creating automatic scripts or "recipes" that run whenever other actions take place, adding an entirely new level of usefulness to Eyefi cards and Eyefi Cloud.

To make use of the new channel, you'll need to have an Eyefi Cloud subscription (US$49.99/year), which many Eyefi owners find useful anyway because of its ability to grab photos from your DSLR and back them up in the cloud immediately. Once you have the subscription and a free IFTTT account, the magic begins. Activate the new Eyefi Channel, and you'll find a number of pre-tested recipes all ready to do wonders with your photos.

There are currently two triggers for the Eyefi Channel – Photo Uploaded and Photo Tagged. With the first trigger, any time you shoot a picture with your DSLR and it's uploaded by that Eyefi Mobi card to Eyefi Cloud, you'll be able to launch another action. That action can be something as fun as sending copies of photos you upload to Eyefi Cloud to friends via Gmail – perfect for keeping in touch with buddies while you're on vacation. You can also send all your photos to Tumblr, or just those photos that you tag with 'tumblr'.

Of course, IFTTT can go the other way as well. Let's say you have photos that you shoot with your iPhone or iPad and send to Instagram. You can have IFTTT move those Instagram moments to your Eyefi Cloud account, a sure way of instantly backing up those photos. It's easy to use an IFTTT recipe to send those images – or any photos you take – to Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, or even Facebook for posterity.

Best of all, all of this power available through IFTTT is free for you to use... of course, you will need to have that all-important Eyefi Cloud subscription, but IFTTT – at least at this time – is still free to use.

And now, TUAW readers, what do YOU use IFTTT for? I tend to use it for all sorts of important things, like keeping a spreadsheet toting up all the time that I spend at my favorite pizza joint or keeping an eye on what other Apple websites are writing about. Leave your favorite uses for IFTTT in the comments.