Inside Goodwill's game-filled tech thrift shop, The Grid

Thrift stores: better known for dusty shirts, potential Halloween costumes and used Jenga sets. Well, Goodwill wants to change that a bit with its recent launch of The Grid, a dedicated electronics and video game specialty shop located in North Carolina. The outfit tells IGN that not only will it sell video game hardware itself, but it's arranged a deal with vendors to supply each console (even retro units) with new power and A/V cables -- stuff that can often be a bear to source. Oh, and there's Raspberry Pi and a selection of flat-screens on offer too. But what if console gaming isn't your bag? The Grid also sells laptops and gaming PCs, and, as the video below shows, even has an Oculus Rift demo station set up.

As local outlet Lake Norman News notes, the store serves a few different purposes. For one, it helps reduce e-waste by offering a viable alternative to dumping old tech in a landfill. And given that GameStop isn't really interested in selling anything that's particularly "old," having an option that's better organized than some local thrift stores is good news for everyone involved. It'll probably also give Macklemore a new place to check out on his next tour, too.