Sound Off! Are you sticking with Facebook Messenger?

Facebook's Messenger app isn't new -- it's been around since 2011. It was up to users to decide if they wanted a separate app or if they liked exchanging messages inside the regular Facebook app. Now if users tap the message icon on Facebook, a message appears telling them to move over to Messenger. It's no longer an option; it's a requirement Facebook put in place to deliver "the best mobile messaging experience possible."

This sudden shift isn't sitting too well with users, evidenced by a 1.5-star rating in the App Store and lots of complaints on Twitter, ironically. Though I used to send messages often, it's not important enough to warrant having another app on my phone and so I've parted ways with that feature. Doesn't matter how adorable Pusheen may be. What's your take? If you're using Facebook regularly, have you complied with Facebook's demand or have you given up? Head on over to our forums and let it out.