Sound Wallet can keep your Bitcoins secure with vinyl-based encryption

If you're anything like us, you've already made millions of dollars on Bitcoin. But how to keep it safe from loved ones, co-workers and other people we don't trust? Sound Wallet promises to keep your private access keys secure as encrypted audio, either on CDs or 7-inch vinyl, presumably just because it can. The system isn't limited to Bitcoin - other less popular brands of cryptocurrency can also benefit from the nostalgia-tinged protection. Your encrypted login key is converted into a sound file less than a minute long, and while it'll sound like white noise to anyone listening, a spectroscope app (yeah, you're going to need your smartphone), will be able to pluck the appropriate information out of the track.

Sound Wallet's Theodore Goodman said that vinyl was the "ultimate archive medium." which is going to make some people here very happy. He said that records can outlast memory cards, paper wallets or CDs, all of which degrade with time. Naturally, vinyl doesn't look like it would house the key to your cryptocurrency fortune, either, so there's that security boon too. Its crowdfunding target may not have been met, but according to CoinDesk, the company is already selling CD-based (0.02 bitcoins) and vinyl wallets (0.09 bit coins).