'Summer Lesson' is the questionable Project Morpheus VR title from the 'Tekken' team

Teasing its forthcoming appearance at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan revealed a new demo for its prototype VR hardware -- with assistance from the creative forces behind the Tekken fighter series. You should probably put all ideas of a first-person punch-em-up aside though, this is very different. Summer Lesson puts the user inside a typical Japanese schoolgirl's room, where it looks like you just seem to.. chill, interact and hang around, which sounds innocent enough, although there's certainly a creepy element there just by the premise. The teaser didn't explain much else, although the Tekken team's Harada-san was happy to praise the interactivity element of the demo, and the preview video also added some comments about how it felt like someone was really there. We're expecting to feel suitably embarrassed and awkward when we get to test it out at TGS 2014 in a few weeks -- but we're also hoping to get a better grasp of why the team decided to go with something that could easily be so misconstrued for a very conspicuous, very early Project Morpheus showcase. Take a look for yourself: we've posted the entire SCEJ PlayStation press event after the break, and even thoughtfully skipped to the Summer Lesson part, because we're nice like that.