Radiohead releases new music through PolyFauna app

This past February, Radiohead released their first iOS app, an experimental music and art project called PolyFauna. Using music from their King of Limbs recording session as the background for abstract and evolving visuals, the app was equal parts musical performance and art piece.

Now Radiohead has released an update for Polyfauna, featuring brand new music and visual landscapes from the band. The app's "Whats New in Version 2.0" description simply reads "Entirely new" and they're not lying. Version 2.0 features an entirely new soundtrack by the band, one that will easily remind longtime fans of their ambient-minded album Kid A. The alien forests of the original app have been replaced with blossoming expanses of outer space, stars, and light.

Players -- if you can call this app a game -- navigate the worlds by tilting their iOS device in various directions. The title intentionally leaves out any tutorials, so plug in your headphones for ideal sound quality and get ready to explore. You can listen to four previews of the new Radiohead music found within the app below, then head over to iTunes to download it for free.