Samsung partners with Montblanc on a chic Galaxy Note 4 stylus

At IFA 2014 Unpacked, Samsung has announced that it's partnering with venerable pen maker Montblanc on two custom styluses for its new Galaxy Note 4. The "Pix" and the "e-StarWalker" are done in the pen maker's classic, chunky style for any Note smartphone or tablet user. Montblanc calls it a "digital writing" device, a clear sign it's targeting those for whom a flimsy plastic pen just won't do. It also revealed two flip covers for the Note 4, the "Extreme" in a threaded fabric that mirrors Samsung's Galaxy S5 "Band-Aid" design, and the "Soft Grain" with a classic leather look. There's no word yet on availability or cost, but we don't imagine that a digital writing device comes cheap.