Panasonic's bringing Technics back with a pair of high-end amps

Technics, Panasonic's high-end audio brand, may never have actually gone away, but it certainly fell out of the gaze of the mainstream. Now, however, the company feels that it's the time for the name to make a comeback with a pair of speaker-and-amp combinations that'll appeal to audiophiles everywhere. At the top end is a "Reference Series" R1, which comprises of a stereo amp, network audio control player and a pair of speakers. If your cash won't stretch that far, however, then you'll be able to shift down a gear with the "Premium Series" C700 range, which offers an amp, speakers, network audio player as well as - wait for it - a compact disc player. There's no word on what the company is going to be pricing this hardware at, but we'd assume that Technics won't sully its name with some budget devices. Still, it won't be long until we find out, since both ranges will land in Europe in December, with global sales coming in early 2015.