WSJ: Apple's smartwatch will arrive in two sizes with NFC in tow

By now, you've likely read at least one of the many rumors surrounding what's become known as the iWatch. Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, you can add a few more details to the fray. That outlet is reporting that whenever Apple's smartwatch arrives -- which has been tipped as no sooner than 2015 -- it will be NFC equipped. The prevailing sentiment is that inclusion of wireless connectivity that can be used to pair with other devices or sort things like mobile payments means Cupertino has more lofty expectations that just fitness and health for the gadget. Of course, the current iPhone doesn't have said feature, but rumblings indicate that it could (finally) be inside the next model. What's more, WSJ goes on to say that the so-called iWatch will come in two sizes that both have curved displays and exercise-tracking chops. With a reported 2015 arrival, we may not hear much about the wearable at next week's phone event. But who knows, Apple's been known to have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes product-focused affairs in the past.