Bounce to impressive heights with Kitten Mega Jump

Kitten Mega Jump screenshot

Kitten Mega Jump is an iOS game that places a fun, blue kitten on a trampoline and leaves you in charge of maneuvering it to collect coins and avoid obstacles. When you reach a certain score, calculated based on a combination of both, you'll level up and face new goals to accomplish at new heights. Downloadable now through the App Store, it's free to play and includes some in-app purchase options as well.

Gameplay is truly an enjoyable experience throughout Kitten Mega Jump. The kitten immediately starts to slowly bounce on the trampoline and its your job to guide it to and away from certain objects as it bounces. You accomplish this by tapping on the left of the screen to move the cat left and toward the right to move it right. Otherwise, the kitten bounces completely vertically. The longer you press your finger, the faster it will move in that direction.

Red birds (that most likely not by coincidence look like cousins of Rovio's famous characters) occasionally come to drop eggs, which the kitten must avoid. If it fails to do so, the game is over. On the flip side, gold coins will appear throughout the game that you should guide the kitten toward. Each coin is worth 50 points.

Kitten Mega Jump screenshot

As you advance in the game, new opportunities and challenges both present themselves. There are power-ups to help you out, like a bubble to temporarily protect the kitten from the impact of an egg or a tool that widens the trampoline to prevent leaping off and ending the game. Other power-ups are available for bonus round-esque gameplay such as a jetpack to freely soar and collect as many coins as possible for a short period of time. While all this is happening, new enemies come along like larger green birds with fiery eggs ready to threaten the feline.

To advance in the game, you have to complete missions. Each one comes with three tasks to complete, very similar in nature to Jetpack Joyride. For instance, the first mission requests that you score 1,000 points, survive one season in the game and get the jetpack. Complete all three and you're on to level two.

There's something I find incredibly charming about the game design here. Between the faux-3D menus UI and the deliberately cute gaming environment, it's probably hard to not like Kitten Mega Jump. The controls do require a small learning curve as I kept falling off the trampoline the first few times I played, but after that it's pretty much smooth sailing - er, bouncing.

Kitten Mega Jump screenshot

While the game is completely free to enjoy in its entirety, if you find yourself in need of more coins, grabbing some in the store will cost you some real bucks via an in-app purchase. A few different packages are available, but it truly doesn't feel gimmicky at all; it's easy enough to just take your time and earn the coins you desire.

Overall I had a considerably fun time playing Kitten Mega Jump. The game lands perfectly in the middle of being addictive and simply intriguing. Grab it in the App Store for free.