GreatCall Touch3: a smartphone designed for the elderly

The Jitterbug brand has long focused on making devices tailored for "aging Americans," combining easy-to-use software with affordable hardware. GreatCall, the creator of those, today revealed the Touch3, the latest addition to its repertoire of phones designed for the elderly. Although the new Touch3 leaves behind the Jitterbug label, its purpose is still very much the same as GreatCall's Touch, Touch 2 and other older handsets. Obviously, GreatCall doesn't intend its new, Samsung-made smartphone to go toe to toe with the Android powerhouses of the world. Instead, the company wants the Touch3's custom software to be the main appealing factor, which features an oversimplified user interface that offers quick access to the essentials, like phone or camera, as well as a set of GreatCall apps to assist in case of an emergency. If you'd like to get one for, perhaps, momma or poppa, the Touch3 is now available in the US for $170 -- but do keep in mind GreatCall does have a monthly fee on some of its pre-loaded, care-focused applications.