LG's got an 8K television and food looks delicious on it

As per usual, South Korean electronics giant LG is here at IFA in Berlin, Germany. Less usual? The company showing up with a 98-inch 8K (aka Super Hi-Vision) television. LG's saying it's "16 times full HD resolution," and while we didn't sit and count every pixel, the food porn being shown off looked mighty tasty. No pricing or availability was given, but any kind of commercial release is probably pretty far off. The real reason it's here, however, is simply to showcase that LG can create the gorgeous, ultra high-res screen -- just like Sharp did with its massive 8K display a few years ago. And hey, did we mention that the food looked really pretty? Explore its depths in the gallery below.

Update: As sweet as this TV is, it's using the older LCD technology, not OLED.